Monday, 13 May 2013

the creatives

Recently I attended a workshop in a quiet nook in Manly, Sydney. One of the attendees, allowed us to enter the sacredness of her home for the day, and what unfolded was more than I could have hoped for creatively. The workshop was aptly named "The Creatives", orchestrated by talented free-lance writer and super blogger Jodi Wilson and Tim Coulson, an amazing photographer who is hands down my biggest inspiration: I admire and envy his abilities all at the same time.

The workshop had a physical impact on me, it was clarifying and rejuvenating. Over the course of the day, I sat amongst 9 other women, who all had the same yearnings as I: to be able to capture the everyday moments and special events of not only our own families and loved ones, but those of strangers, threading them together through pictures and words. 
I have never been a writer. As a nurse, my writing is mostly rushed, barely legible scribble about drips, drains and dressings. Through Jodi's guidance, I discovered I have the ability within, and writing doesn't have to be hard and over-thought. It can be simple and true, and as long as what I say comes from the heart, then it will go to the heart. She planted a seed, placed a pen in my hand... the rest will come. 

The other half of the day was lead by Tim. As my deep passion is my photography, I sat there completely engaged, lingering on his every word. I have watched his photography develop for about 18 months, the way he photographs resonates with me, and has an effect on me I can't and wont attempt to describe. Being in his presence made me nervous.. like a young girl at a Justin Bieber concert!

Tim spoke about authenticity, honesty and the balance of respect and confidence when shooting. We talked about workflow, editing and storing files (thank goodness because I am epically bad at these things, especially the later). We walked the streets of Balgowlah, photographing our surroundings. Tim's young family, Kesh and Roo, joined us too, and it felt like a bunch of school friends getting together after years apart. Thankyou Jodi and Tim for being the catalysts behind my blog and new venture, The Beloved. Whilst it is early days, my words and pictures may be a bit disjointed, but I am sure hoping to find my ebb and flow... the only way to find it is to start somewhere.


  1. Wow, Ali, you take wonderful photos and write with much eloquence. I look forward to seeing your blog develop.

  2. Ali, this is beautiful.

    Your photos from the day are amazing and your words flow so naturally.

    More than a week on and I still feel like I'm processing that wonderful day.

    It was so lovely to meet you and I can't wait to see what goes on in this space xx


  3. What a lovely post. You have a real eye for beautiful details. Love the beautiful light you captured on the day.

  4. such beautiful pictures. I look forward to following your journey here
    Natalie x

    1. Thankyou Natalie - I have found your blog and I LOVE it!

  5. Really beautiful images and wonderful words!

  6. Oh I know the feeling of laying your soul at the feet who have come before you.-standing in the shadows of giants can sometimes be more powerful than laying naked in the bright sun. Beautiful first entry into the world of telling your story: Also, your photos are exquisite! xo

  7. Your photos are beautiful and your words poignant. I especially love the one of the little fir (?) droppings in the woods. Beautiful depth of field, a shot that I would normally take from straight above with no depth of field, but you have shown me a new way to look at things, so thank you for the inspiration! Keep shooting, you're going to be great!