Sunday 27 July 2014


Grace: Walks with a book. Brushes teeth with a book. Sleeps with a book. Eats with a book.
Tom: Can't hide from me baby.

On the blogging front I have been pretty slack (again!).. I have trying to cut down on the time I spend of social media, the first step, deleting Facebook from my iPhone so that I can't access it through the day, only at home. I must say it feels liberating, I am more 'in the moment'. So much so that I look around and notice everyone else on their smart phones and think how sad it looks!

This past month I have:

Visited open classrooms at school
Started personal training to make sure I fit into my dress in 4 months time
Cut out sugar from the diet
Begun our house plans (well I havent personally.. but our builder has!)

Joining in with Jodi and Poet throughout the year in the 52 Project x

Tuesday 15 July 2014


Grace: Playing guessing games with me in the car to pass the time while we wait for Ian's soccer game to finish
Tom: We got up early on a cold wintery morning to watch the sunrise over Jervis Bay

This weeks images of Gracie and Tom are taken only 14 hours apart.. It started to rain as we were watching Ian play soccer so we took refuge in the car - I loved the way the raindrops glistened on the windscreen and their little shadows fell on her face. The next morning, the rain had gone, Tom asked if we could get up early and head to the beach to watch the sun rise over the bay. It was hard pulling myself out of a nice warm bed, but definitely worth it when those golden rays welcomed us into another day.

Joining in with Jodi and Poet with the 52 Project x

Sunday 29 June 2014


Tom: Cool as a cucumber

Gracie: My spotty giggler, infront of my dream cottage

Joining in with Jodi & Poet in the 52 Project x

Sunday 15 June 2014


Tom: I see the beginnings of a young man
Gracie: She suits the warm autumnal tones

Saturday 7 June 2014


Tom: seeing how fast he can spin the umbrella...
Gracie: Oh Petal.

A black and white diptych of images for a wintery week. Both images capture the essence of each child: Tom, with his boyish smile and playful nature, and Grace, with her deep soulful eyes, she is wise beyond her years.

I am very much missing them this week.

Joining in with Jodi and Poet in the 52 project x

Saturday 31 May 2014


Grace: she loves this weather - apparently it's 'perfect for reading, snuggling and playing schools'
Tom: learning to play, I think Grace was only telling him the rules when it suited her!

Last week I had a selection of images of Gracie and Tom but I simply didn't have the energy to even put a blog post together. We have been enjoying our last few weeks of autumn, outdoors and in the golden sunlight.  The woody smell of neighbours fire's fills the air at dusk and our afternoon walks have started to dissipate as the darkness sets in not long after 5pm.

Today is the first day of Winter, and what a way to show it's presence. Here is is raining, dark and cool, the mood in the house is sombre and slow. Old board games are pulled out and enjoyed.

Joining in with Jodi and the 52 Project. x