Friday, 17 May 2013


Grace: The light
Tom: The happiness

May has graced us with cool mornings, clear skies and days filled with a dreamy autumn glow. It makes me a little sentimental, as it is my birth month. I find myself reflecting on my latest chapter. Thoughts of my family fill my mind, what I have done in the year past, and what I hope to achieve in the year to come.

Today we visited my Mumma and Dadda, and on some of the trees on our farm, the leaves are no more. We could hear Dadda working in the paddock, the deep hum of the Massey Ferguson off in the distance. Mumma sat and watched us play in the yard, protected from the late afternoon wind under the bull-nose veranda  Her hands were kept warm by the porcelain of her Royal Albert; the tea long gone. This is how I remember her watching me, when I was little.

Mumma and I chatted like we always do, over a piece of her home-made passionfruit short-bread. She asked me why I was taking pictures of the kids. I told her it was for my blog, and although she looked comically confused, she smiled endearingly, because she sensed it was important to me. "As long as I can see them on the Facebook" she said. I laughed. I forget sometimes that not only do Grace and Tom inject so much light and happiness into my life; they bring love and nostalgia to their great-grandparents too.

In the year to come, I will make more of an effort to remember the little things that matter.

Playing along with Jodi -  "A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

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