Sunday 27 July 2014


Grace: Walks with a book. Brushes teeth with a book. Sleeps with a book. Eats with a book.
Tom: Can't hide from me baby.

On the blogging front I have been pretty slack (again!).. I have trying to cut down on the time I spend of social media, the first step, deleting Facebook from my iPhone so that I can't access it through the day, only at home. I must say it feels liberating, I am more 'in the moment'. So much so that I look around and notice everyone else on their smart phones and think how sad it looks!

This past month I have:

Visited open classrooms at school
Started personal training to make sure I fit into my dress in 4 months time
Cut out sugar from the diet
Begun our house plans (well I havent personally.. but our builder has!)

Joining in with Jodi and Poet throughout the year in the 52 Project x


  1. Beautiful captures of life!!!

  2. I love that reading shot. Such a beautiful, calm moment.