Saturday, 5 April 2014


Tom: The best part of our engagement was the balloons. Aside from that, it was a 'boring adults party'
Gracie: I'm the Oh! in 'LOVE'.

This week we have been organising the biggest party of our relationship thus far. I had been stressing over what I would wear, what the kids would wear, my hair, makeup etcetera. and felt so overwhelmed, even though Ian's Mum had organised most of it. I kept thinking, 'how am I going to plan a wedding?!'. And then Saturday came. All our beautiful friends were there, and all that worried me though the week didn't even matter. I had such a good time, Ian was there, I was there, and Grace and Tom were having a blast. That's what counted the most.

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  1. these are lovely. love the light in Gracie's portrait. along with her sweet expression