Sunday, 16 March 2014


Grace: She was leaning against the wall chatting to me while I was cooking dinner, I went and picked up the camera as I loved the way the light was falling on her sweet profile
Tom: Taken during a walk around the block, a ritual we have after school to wind down and get Mollie out of the house

This week has been a week of re-evaluation and reflection (fitting for this weeks image of Tom). Collaborating with the beautiful girls from Wholehearted has opened my mind to so many things - I have connected with them more than I ever thought I would. We have been sharing our own personal stories with each other, acknowledging our different challenges, thoughts and ideas on parenthood and life.

It has been healing for many.

Identifying strengths and weaknesses we have as individuals and our motherhood journey has resonated with so many of our readers. Differences we all have are our commonality.

Linking in with beautiful Jodi for Project 52 x


  1. I love that you captured his reflection in the puddle! Both pictures are beautiful though! I always shy away from black and white because I'm just not sure when to use it or how to avoid pictures looking blue-ish. Have any tips?

  2. really nice work in both images! i like how you captured light and reflection :)

  3. oh goodness.... Grace's portrait is absolutely breathtaking!