Saturday, 11 January 2014


Tom: "Did you see that Mum?????" Of course I did. How could I not watch your little face light up as you rode the wave in (for the 27th time)..
Grace: She received 4 pairs of swimmers for Christmas. I have a problem.

Salt + Water + Sand = pure, clean, fun. We took a drive down the coast this week and found ourselves in a little place called Narrawallee. The beach was dotted with beach umbrellas of every colour, parents chasing young toddlers and groups of teenagers hanging out with their surfing paraphenalia. I found myself people watching in between the distant nods and waves to the kids: confirmation that I saw their nose dives, wipe outs and successes!

I love that this diptych of images has the other sibling in the background in each portrait. It sums up my duo perfectly - where one plays the other is never far away.

Joining in with the ever beautiful Jodi x

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