Thursday, 12 December 2013

the shared christmas

  These images were taken earlier in Spring. Tom and I were having some alone time.. I savour this sort of rarity.
It's that time of the year again where the glimmer of tinsel shines in everystore, shop-keepers put the 'Best Christmas Songs Ever Compiled' cd on to keep you company as you shop and the bustle of people filling their trolley's with items they will probably have in storage by mid-January. 
Year after year I have watched Grace and Tom share christmas within two households. Usually I get them for the 'second' Christmas. They come back to us tired and overwhelmed, their little bodies unsure on how to process all the heavy Christmas lunch and sweets. Their mood flows onto us, our excitement as we wait for them to turn up soon changes to anxiety as we try to keep them in line in front of all our family. Never works. Tears always ensue.This year we are keeping christmas really low key. Ian's parents live right on the beach and have told us that on Christmas day, their place will be a revolving door for family to come and go as they like. We intend to spend the whole day there, between the backyard and the beach, with no strict time schedule. Ian has been busy the past few weeks as a hunter and gatherer, and lunch will see his efforts very much appreciated (lobsters and prawns - yes please!). Gracie and Tom will be spending the entire day with us, something I can't wait for.

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