Sunday, 15 December 2013


Tom: My soft-hearted animal lover - he has cuddles with Mollie before settling into bed
Gracie: A quiet moment also before bed, we had a big day having some much needed 'girl's time'

I love the week leading up to Christmas. Houses are lit up beautifully, the smell of Gardenia and Muraya fills the air at dusk and all the children's artwork from the year comes flooding home, perfect for giftwrapping. This week I will attempt to make some home-made Christmas cards for the family.

Following along with the ever beautiful Jodi with a portrait a week. x


  1. Beautiful photos! & I agree, this time of year is simply beautiful.

  2. Your photos are just lovely and one of my favourite things at this time of year are the children's artworks coming home too. Have a great week!