Saturday, 16 November 2013


Tom: On the banks of the river our town is built around, my little explorer wanders
Grace: Amongst the pink oleander - this portrait I think I will print, her young innocence captured forever

This week its the nature portrait series, with Tom amongst the golden yellow river reeds and Grace nestled into the green foliage of the oleander. We were careful not to touch it too much; for as beautiful as it is, it is just as poisonous. 

This week has been a blur once more, with the end of school term nearing, assignments due and deadlines to meet. I am in the thick of wedding photography, a backlog of editing is waiting for me. Looking forward to the pending holidays, where a trip to South-West Rocks is being planned.

Playing along with the ever beautiful Jodi.


  1. Adorable!.....such beautiful pics (and your kiddies are so cute!). Al x

  2. I just found you via Jodi, your photos are stunning. x

  3. Jodi wasn't wrong, you are very talented. Wow. Just love that last portrait of your beautiful girl. x