Tuesday, 28 May 2013

strung together

You can always be sure that the felines will greet you with smiley faces as you walk through the gate at my grandparents house. 

I called in there today to have a cup of tea. I love nothing more than fossicking around the garden and picking pretty blooms (a little frowned upon by the lady of the house) and sitting on the back varandah enjoying the afternoon sun while the cats massage your legs with their claws... I asked for some string to tie the jonquils, forget-me-nots and lavender together. Mumma brought out the sweetest little hessian string bag that was part of her dowry. My great-grandmother made it for her. A keepsake to treasure.

A x


  1. Oh this is all kinds of beautiful Ali! Hope your week is equally gentle and full of colour :) x

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous. I love every.single.image. I love the endearing photo of the sweet cat ears saying hello through the screen! I am so glad you have started this blog. Inspirational. xo